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Kraut + Kimchi

Both Sauerkraut + Kimchi can be stored at room temperature (approx. 21C); fermentation creates an acidic environment which naturally preserves the Kraut or Kimchi... in fact, it's the reason fermentation first came about!  Please note that when stored outside of the fridge, as time passes they will continue to develop in flavour and texture at a faster rate, becoming more sour and less crunchy.  Once opened, transfer to the fridge.


Please place the Kefir in the fridge on the day of delivery.  During the 24hr trip to you, secondary fermentation will have taken place, meaning a little fizz should have developed.  This happens quicker in some flavours than in others (it's all to do with the natural sugar content).  If yours ins't fizzy and you'd like it to be, leave it in the fridge for a few days with the lid on before drinking... that should be enough time for the bubbles to get going!

Remember, the ferments are live and can be a little energetic following their journey to you... you may notice a little hiss, bubbles and a bit of a fizz when opened.  Refrigeration and occasional ‘burping’ (brief unscrewing of the lid, not the other kind!) usually calms things down...

For the best before date: see base of bottle or jar.  Please note that this is a 'best before' and not a 'use by'.


We are great believers of intuitive eating; you should let your body be your guide.  Saying that, ferments are chock full of active bacteria and yeasts, some of which will be unfamiliar to your body and gut microbiome.  We therefore recommend that your start small and build over time.  A forkful of Kraut or 100ml serving of Kefir per day will be plenty to start with, if you are new to the world of fermented food and drink.  Your body should adjust nicely over a week or two and you'll be able to increase the serving size and frequency from there on in.  If you experience bloating or flatulence, take it as a sign that the bacteria and yeasts are making themselves known within your gut.  Our advice would be to reduce the amount you're eating or drinking - even if it means you only eat a forkful of Kraut every other day - until things calm down, when you can begin to increase your 'dosage' again.


Everything in your box is reusable or recyclable; please do your bit and dispose of the packaging responsibly.


Find information and recipes for how to use your ferments on our blog or recipe pages.


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