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Marie's Story: A Life of Auto-Immunity and Antibiotics Changed When I Discovered Fermented Food

testimonialsAlana Holloway

I experienced health issues from a young age; as a child, I had constant fevers and sore throats, which resulted in regular doses of antibiotics.  As a teenager, skin problems brought on another wave of regular antibiotic use and in my early twenties, my health eventually collapsed; chronic fatigue precipitated by a virus, then years of low immunity and autoimmune thyroid disease. 

I’d never experienced any gut symptoms and knew nothing about the relationship between gut health and disease.  It was only last year when I read up on the now recognised functions of the gut microbiota that I decided to try a different approach and started to search out foods known to improve gut health.  Since then, all I have done is take milk kefir, occasional water kefir, eat a wider range of vegetables and try to eat some of your Sauerkraut every day.  Despite this past Winter bringing a lot of very virulent infections with it, I have had the best Winter in over thirty years! I've been catching the odd infection but have fought them off in a way that was previously impossible for me.  Your products are delicious and have certainly helped my health; I'm so happy to recommend them!

Sarah's Story: My Roseacea Was Actually Eczema and Kefir Cleared It Up

testimonialsAlana Holloway
Eczema on face.JPG

As someone who has lived with eczema for most of my life - up until I discovered fermented food and drink - you can imagine how delighted I was to receive Sarah's* email, in which she told me all about how drinking the Kefir we send her every month has cleared the eczema on her face!  When I asked Sarah whether I could share her story, she was only too happy for me to do so, in the hope that by reading it, it would go on to help someone struggling with their health.  Over to you, Sarah.

After seeing 5 different doctors at my local surgery, I was diagnosed with Rosacea.  That was 6 months prior to this photograph being taken.  Despite all the odd lotions and creams I was being prescribed, nothing much was happening, in fact, things were getting worse.

neck and eyes Aug 17.JPG

I researched Rosacea and gut bacteria seemed relative, so I joined an American/London gut project. This took a few months to develop into any feedback, so in the meantime I continued to explore the possibilities of curing myself.  I took various probiotic potions and went to see a Harley Street Dermatologist, who diagnosed Eczema and wrote a very stern letter to my GP.  All the same, Hydrocortisone & face washes etc., were prescribed.

Then I read about yourself. 

Eczema Clearing

After my Gift Box was devoured and next order made, the American gut results came through. I have attached them because after seeing them, I knew I was on the correct trail. As you can see, my Bacteroidetes reading was lower than the other similar examples related to me.  When checking out the best way to deal with the low reading, Kefir and Sauerkraut were suggested. May I just add I have never drunk milk willing since a baby, or Kefir, Yogurts or Sauerkraut. However, your products changed all that. I love the combination of flavours and am so happy to have found you. 

I drink 1/2 a glass of Kefir every morning and I can well assure you that when I do, my skin is perfect - I just don’t have a photo to show it!  It really helps the eczema on my face, it is like a wonder drug for me and worked almost instantly.  I’ll send you a photo of me looking gorgeous with clear skin, I just need to receive the next Kefir box to clear up a small problem I have at the moment. 

eczema cleared

I know genes do play a great part in all of this; my father had Asthma, his mother had Asthma and my younger sister has Asthma and very bad Eczema, but I thought at 67 I had escaped. I am going to order my sister a Gift Box for her 60th birthday and hope that she too can benefit from it.  

I’ll be 69 years old this September, so it can happen at any age.  You sharing your story has helped me.  I hope that by sharing mine, it might help someone else. 

*Names have been changed in this post.