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Carrot + Tomato Probiotic Pesto

PICKLESAlana Holloway
probiotic pesto.JPG

This probiotic pesto is a great way to use this Summer's Carrot + Tomato Relish.  All the flavour comes from the Relish, so you need to add little else.  It's delicious spread on some toasted sourdough and topped with sautéed courgettes, or as a pizza sauce instead of the classic tomato.


100g Carrot + Tomato Relish
60g pine nuts
1 roasted and peeled red pepper
Olive Oil


- Add all the ingredients except the olive oil to a food processor.  

- Blend whilst drizzling the olive oil through the spout until it reaches a pesto consistency.

- Spoon into a clean jar and store in the fridge for up to a week.

Kefir, Banana + Mango Smoothie

Smoothies, KEFIRAlana Holloway
kefir, mango + banana smoothie.JPG

If you've heard of probiotics, you've likely heard of PREbiotics.  If you haven't, however, worry not!  They're essentially fertiliser for the bacteria living in your gut.  Prebiotics allow the bacteria to grow and proliferate, and come in the form of plant fibres.  There's a bit of an odd list containing a few foods that will never make my death row meal; Jerusalem artichokes, chicory and green bananas, to name a few.  Whilst I don't enjoy chomping on a green banana (lucky if you do, I like mine somewhere in the middle), they're perfect to use in smoothies, producing a thicker result AND providing you with prebiotics.   So grab your banana whilst it's still green and whizz up this tropical delight.  Probiotics and prebiotics in one sip... what more could you want?!

Makes 1 large or two small smoothies

1 underripe/green banana.  A frozen banana will produce a thicker smoothie.
100g frozen mango
250ml Kefir - a ginger based one works perfectly
100g coconut yoghurt


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.  Top with toasted coconut flakes, mango pieces and hemp seeds.