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Gut Loving Kraut Bun

KRAUTAlana Holloway

The inspiration for this bun comes from a Green Kitchen Stories recipe. They make these beautifully vibrant flatbreads using vegetables as the main ingredient. Genius! I combed that with a ‘muggin’ (microwave muffin, for anyone that’s wondering) method and ta-daa! I have a vegetable bun! Filled with homemade mayo (the easiest thing to make EVER btw), avocado, alfalfa sprouts and a whole loada Kraut, this is one delicious veggie packed lunch.

Gut Loving Kraut Bun


For the bun

Either 1/2 a head of broccoli or 2 raw beetroot
50g ground almonds
2 eggs
Salt and pepper
Rapeseed oil

For the mayo

1 egg
100ml rapeseed oil
1tbsp apple cider vinegar
Pinch of salt


1 Avocado, smashed
Alfalfa sprouts

You will need: a stick blender


To make the bun

Blend the beetroot or broccoli in a food processor until the consistency of breadcrumbs.
Add the group almonds, eggs and seasoning and blend again to combine.
Generously oil a microwave safe bowl or jug ad spoon two tablespoons of mixture into the jug. Smooth the top by patting with your knuckles before microwave for 3 minutes.
Once cooked, tip out on to a rack to cool and repeat until the mixture is used up.

To make the mayo

Crack the egg into a large glass jar before pouring the oil on top. Add the salt ad vinegar. Place the stick blender in (all the way to the bottom go the jar) ad pulse until the oil and egg start to look creamy in places. Now blend continuously until completely emulsified (store in the fridge for up to a week).

Stack the bun

Cut the cooled bun in half and spread both halves with the mayo.
Top the bottom half with a good amount of Kraut, then the smashed avocado and a large handful of sprouts. Pop the top on and EAT!

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