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Three Herb Frittata with Red Kraut

Lunch, DinnerAlana Holloway

This recipe is more of a guide; make this frittata with whatever herbs and green vegetables you have to hand.  It’s delicious warm, straight out of the oven, or picked from the fridge when you’re on the go.  Any sauerkraut compliments the sweetness of the peas and leek with a wonderful tang, but my favourite kraut to eat it with has to be a red cabbage and beetroot one.

Curried Parsnip Kraut Egg Mayo

LunchAlana Holloway
Curried Parsnip Kraut Egg Mayo

Serves 2

5 free range hard boiled eggs
2tbsp mayonnaise
1 heaped tbsp. Curried Parsnip Kraut (from the Winter Collection)
Ground black pepper


-       Peel and mash the eggs with a fork.

-       Add the mayo and mix to combine.

-       Finely chop the Kraut; it’s easy to do in the jar using a pair of scissors.  Add the kraut to the egg mayo and stir to combine.

-       Add black pepper to taste.

Kefir Chia Fresca

DrinksAlana Holloway

Hands up... who's taken on Dry January?  If you've stuck with it so far, congratulations, keep going strong!  You may be looking for something to give you that extra boost and I think I have just the thing.  This delicious drink has the skin loving Omega benefits from chia, which will also keep you well hydrated and your digestion moving freely.  The probiotics from the kefir are just an added bonus!

Serves 1

250ml Pomegranate + Thyme Kefir
1tbsp chia seeds
Thyme to garnish (optional)

- In a glass, whisk the kefir and chia together with a fork.  
- Leave for an hour or so (or better, overnight) whisking a few more times throughout to ensure the chia are well distributed.  The chia will soak up most of the kefir and you'll be left with something between a snack and a drink.

Top tip: Make this the 'night before' and enjoy during the next day's afternoon slump.

Kimchi Hummus

Alana Holloway

 250g dried chickpeas
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
100g tahini
150g Winter Squash Kimchi
Pinch salt
 -  Soak the  chickpeas overnight in double the amount of water to chickpeas.
- The next day, drain the chickpeas and boil in fresh water, along with the bicarb, for approx. 40minutes, or until soft and almost mushy.  Skim scum throughout.
- Drain the chickpeas through a colander, but save about 1 mug of the cooking liquor.
- Blitz the chickpeas, tahini, kimchi and salt in a food processor until smooth.
- Whilst the food processor is still on, drizzle in the cooking liquor until desired consistency is reached.
- Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary.
- Store in the fridge an airtight container for up to 5 days.

Cauliflower Cheese on Toast

LunchAlana Holloway

When in doubt, add cheese.  Then grill it.

Serves 1

2 slices of sourdough, or your favourite gluten free bread
2 florets of Cauliflower + Turmeric Pickle (Autumn Box)
1 tomato
6 medium slices of mature cheddar, preferably organic

-       Preheat the grill.
-       Lightly toast the bread on both sides under the grill.
-       Cut the cauliflower into small, bitesize pieces.
-       Chop the tomato into cubes.
-       Place both the cauliflower and tomato on one side of the toasted sourdough.  Top with the cheese.
-       Grill until the cheese has melted and is bubbling.
-       Serve immediately. 



Kimchi Prawn Noodles

DinnerAlana Holloway

Serves 2

4 spring onions
Handful fresh coriander
150g cooked prawns
200g rice noodles or courgetti
1 heaped tbsp. Winter Squash Kimchi
Sesame oil


-       Finely slice the spring onion and chop the coriander.

-       Cook the noodles as per the packet instructions.  Once cooked, drain and rinse under cold water to stop the cooking. 

-       Add the prawns and chopped spring onions with a drizzle of sesame oil to a medium/large frying pan and cook over a medium heat until the prawns are thoroughly heated through and the spring onions have softened.  Turn the heat to low and add the noodles to the pan, along with the kimchi.  Cook for a further minute and give the pan a toss to coat the noodles and combine the ingredients.

-       Garnish with the rest of the coriander before serving.