Fermented by LAB

"Despite what may come to mind, the name Fermented by LAB has nothing to do with a room filled with people in white coats!  LAB actually stands for Lactic Acid Bacteria, which are the little workhorses that turn cabbage into Sauerkraut and Kimchi and sugar water into Kefir.  Without Lactic Acid Bacteria, fermentation wouldn't exist!"

- Alana, founder.

The Idea

Fermented by LAB was founded by Alana Holloway who first started fermenting in 2011 when she learned how to manage her chronic full body eczema - without medication - by nurturing a healthier gut. Having experienced the countless health benefits associated with eating fermented foods, Alana was drawn to the idea of encouraging others to try it for themselves, and began teaching her techniques in workshops and sharing her recipes.  During this process, she discovered that whilst people wanted to make ferments part of their diet and experience the health benefits for themselves, they often struggled to find anything decent in the shops and for one reason or another weren't able to make them at home. She was determined to find a way to make good quality, delicious fermented food and drink easily accessible to everyone; Alana envisioned a way for people to purchase and receive monthly deliveries of fermented food and drink, providing them with a daily serve of probiotic rich, gut loving foods, and Fermented by LAB was born.

How it Works

Fermented by LAB delivers gut loving fermented food and drink directly to doorsteps throughout the UK.  We provide our customers with a daily 'dose' of thoughtfully crafted, beautifully presented, fermented food and drink, helping to nurture a healthy body and mind.

Each box, delivered on the first and third Wednesday of each month, offers a mixture of organic fermented Kraut and Kimchi that are rich in a variety of probiotic cultures. The ferments are made with therapeutic ingredients, each one with a nourishing purpose behind its presence. They are chosen and change according to the seasons, making the most of the best organic produce available, always British where possible.

The boxes are priced at £27 (Baby Veggie Box) and £42 (Veggie Box), plus delivery.