Fermented by L A B

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why L A B?
L A B stands for Lactic Acid Bacteria; bacteria that produce lactic acid, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and have many health benefits when consumed.

What is fermentation?
Fermentation began as a method of preserving food, back when fridges weren’t around.  The seasons harvest was packed into barrels and crocks with some salt or sugar and left to ferment, meaning people could eat fruit and vegetables throughout the sparse winter months.  The by-product of this was that trillions of microscopic bacteria were created to stop the food from going bad… bacteria that happened to be extremely beneficial to the health of those that ate them.

What are the health benefits associated with eating fermented foods?
Fermented foods are alive and kicking with good bacteria.  These bacteria help to balance your gut bacteria and stomach acids; releasing enzymes to help ease and improve digestion, making it easier for your body to extract and absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.  Not only that, but when you introduce good bacteria into your diet via fermented foods, you enable your gut to support your immune system in fighting disease and contribute to the reduction of systemic inflammation, which is said to be at the root of many modern-day, chronic illnesses. 

I’ve never eaten fermented foods or taken a probiotic supplement before…
Including fermented foods and probiotics into your diet should be a slow and gentle process.  Whilst we encourage eating a daily dose of fermented foods, we would recommend starting with one serving every other day and slowly increasing to one a day, for anyone new to the game.  If you notice any side effects, such as gas or bloating, reduce the amount you are eating or completely stop until the side effects have subsided, then begin again but more gradually this time around.

Gut loving…?
Fermented foods love your gut, and your gut loves them back!

Why not just sell kraut, or kombucha?
When nurturing a healthy gut, it’s important to consume a wide variety of probiotic strains.  Kraut made with cabbage and carrot, for example, has a list of probiotic strains unique to its ingredients and will differ to one made with cabbage and beetroot, which will differ to kimchi, which will differ to kefir, to kvass, and so on.  When you receive a mixed box, you are getting the wide variety of probiotic strains that your gut thrives on.

Why seasonal?
Not only does it make the most of the produce available at particular times of year, it also captures food when it’s at its tastiest and most nutritious.   Changing the flavours of your box with the seasons also changes up the good bacteria available to you… see above.

I lead a sugar free lifestyle and note that some of your products contain sugar…
Sugar is a necessary ingredient in some of the ferments… it’s actually what feeds the bacteria.  Once the bacteria have had their lot, a small 10-20% of the sugar remains.  A 250ml, 1 serve bottle of kefir starts life with 15g added sugar.  When it’s time for you to drink it, it contains approx. 1.5-3g sugar (under 1tsp).

Will I get through the whole box in one month?
The box has been designed to provide you with one serve of fermented, probiotic rich food per day, and six serves of fermented drink for when you need that extra boost.  If you think you’ll struggle with that (we don’t think you will), I bet your friends, family and housemates will be more than happy to help you out.

Will one box be enough for my whole family?
Whilst our boxes are currently only designed for one person, we would love to know if there is a need for a bigger family sized box.  Let us know by selecting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ below…

How should I store my L A B products?
Once you receive your goods, they should be stored in the fridge.  Fermented foods are live and as such, continue to develop in both flavour and composition when left to sit at room temperature.  All L A B food and drink has been fermented to create the perfect balance between bacterial composition and flavour, the development of which greatly slows down at low temperatures, aka in your fridge.

I’m gluten free; can I still eat L A B products?
All of our products are gluten and dairy free, as well as vegan and Paleo, however they are packaged in an environment in which gluten and dairy are present.