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Ingredient Spotlight: 5 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Ingredient SpotlightAlana Holloway

Ingredient of the week is BACK!  It’s been a while since I posted one of these but I’m reeeeally going to try to share them more regularly from now on.  I mean, seeing as I put so much thought into what ingredients I use in FBL ferments, it’s only right I share with you WHY I choose them, eh!  I’m hoping you’re in total agreement with me here…

health benefits of beetroot

This week, I’ve chosen to feature beetroot.  Not only do I bloody love a beet, in all it’s forms, it’s also the star ingredient in Autumn’s Ginger Beet Kraut, giving it a real earthy depth of flavour.

-      Red beetroot are one of the richest sources of glutamine, which is an amino acid (protein building block) essential to the health and maintenance of the gut lining.  Maintaining a healthy gut lining protects our inside world (body) from the outside, keeping everything in its place.  You can read more about an unhealthy gut lining– aka leaky gut - here.

-      Beetroot are a fantastic source of fibre.  Fibre is not only extremely important when it comes to maintaining regular and healthy bowel movements but it also acts as fuel for our gut microbes, allowing them to multiply in number and diversity (which is a VERY good thing!)

-      You’ll know that I change the FBL ferments seasonally… that’s because nature has created a wonderful pattern (aka the seasons) whereby the nutritional and energetic properties of any given naturalfood peak at certain times throughout the year. Beetroot are at their peak between July and October, making them the perfect ingredient for our Autumn ferments.

-      Being that it’s a root vegetable, beetroot is considered a grounding food, energetically speaking.  Ever get that slightly jittery, floaty, chattery, anxious feeling? The kind where you’re unable to concentrate on a single task and you feel like you’ve had one cup of coffee too many (I’m actually feeling like that right now!)?  In traditional medicine, Autumn is associated with the wind and air elements and the aforementioned feelings of anxiety, jitters, etc. can be more present during this season.  EAT A BEET! Beetroot (and other root = grounding vegetables such as carrots and potatoes) will help to balance those feelings and GROUND you.  

-       And if that’s not enough to convince you to eat beetroot, you may want to reconsider because it has been considered an aphrodisiac since Roman times!  Who knew?!  It contains high levels of boron, which has been shown to increase levels of testosterone (a hormone responsible for sex drive) in the body.

There you have it.  Those 5 little golden (beetroot) nuggets are the particular reasons I chose to use it in this Autumn’s ferments (well, perhaps not so much the aphrodisiac one!) and they only cover a small handful of beetroot’s health benefits… 

Until next time troops,

Alana x

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